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Digital Training

We train our clients on Search Engine Marketing & how we execute them for you. It’s especially beneficial when we can have high-quality conversations to understand your goals as well as the perfect strategy to help you meet those goals.

You may be thinking You’re crazy. Don’t clients simply take their SEM in-house?

Sure, some may opt to do this but it’s our belief that our premier level of customer-service, access to cutting-edge industry developments, exclusive technology/connections, and most importantly our ability to provide new value through each and every conversation we have will maintain evolving partnerships with no end in sight. We’ve been successful thus far with and our testimonials can speak to this. Reach out to Emereald today and learn not only what we do, but why our client-partners refuse to leave.

Building Custom Campaigns

Our SEM (or PPC) campaigns are highly customized to not just meet but exceed your Real Estate business goals. This is done by showing your ads to people searching keywords that reflect your goals. Is your goal to drive more home-buyers searching for local agents? You’re great at closing Seller Leads and would like more home-sellers, or soon to be home-buyers, to consider you as their listing agent? Maybe the local market is known for its amazing Waterfront homes and you’re the expert that those in-market need to work with. These are just a few examples and we can provide you with successful stories that encompass these examples plus more!

Advanced Targeting Systems 

Are you after affluent home-buyers? Do you prefer to work with home-buyers searching within a specific zip code? Your options are literally endless. We’ll help you target the perfect audience that will help to drive leads most relevant to your business goals. Be sure to ask us about our Hyper-Local Border-Cross strategy!

Generating Leads

Maybe you already work with a Search Engine Marketing company. Are they driving quality leads? Are they showing the right (ad) message at the right time? Are your ads landing website visitors on the most relevant page? Home-shoppers searching two bedroom houses for sale should land on your website’s listings filtered to show only two bedroom houses. Why make them do the work? You want to make your clients’ buying process as easy as possible! You may also want to learn how our Landing Page Products can be an even better choice to land your SEM leads.

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Allow us to help eliminate costly and ineffective lead-providers by inviting proven home-buyers to your website rather than other third-parties such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, among others. Emereald offers THE greatest marketing technology available to Real Estate companies, brokers, and agents. With Real Estate Paid Search Advertising, you’ll see immediate results; And we’re so confident that we’re willing to refund your service fee if it doesn’t. SEM advertising is the fastest way to drive qualified, in-market local home-buyer traffic to your realty website. Our team of professionals has the experience to help you, and you have the expertise to help those researching their next home to make the perfect decision on their next dream home; allow us to introduce you to one another!

It’s time to make your next biggest purchase decision, and we’re glad the internet could help.

Contact Emereald Marketing now to get started. You’re one step closer to success.