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How You Win

We’re passionate about our Digital Marketing products for Realtors. We see it work every day, just ask any one of our successful client-partners; and that’s all of them to-date. “Digital Real Estate”, or Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) to be specific, remain wide open for your business to stake its claim; whether that’s via PPC, SEO – or ideally a combination of the two digital strategies. Imagine you stumble into a private island already primed with mansions ready for you to sell – that’s Digital Marketing for Real Estate. Consider us as the ship’s crew that guided you there. Positioning YOUR team for success is our Island.

Is This Real?

Yes, yes it is. Allow us to help eliminate costly and ineffective lead-providers by inviting proven home-buyers to your website rather than other third-parties such as Zillow, Trulia,, among others. Emereald offers THE greatest marketing technology available to Real Estate companies, brokers, and agents.

With our Real Estate PPC (or SEM) products, you’ll see immediate results. Our team encourages friendly competition, please let us know if you think you’ve found a better PPC or SEM company that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on the Real Estate Industry.

We’re so confident that you won’t be disappointed, and even willing to put our money where our mouth is.

The Details

Emereald will refund your service/management fee if you feel let down by the Google ads delivered by our team. To be more specific, we’ll establish your primary business goal & agree on the ads that are most relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish. If these ads don’t show within the top FOUR ad positions within the FIRST page of Google Search Results, OR you’re simply not pleased with the quality of the ad being shown – we’ll automatically waive that particular month’s management fee.

For example, assume your primary goal is to sell more Waterfront Homes. Emereald promises to show a Google Ad that reflects Waterfront Home Listings upon searching for “Waterfront Homes for Sale” through Google Search – while at the same time, the Waterfront Ad will link to your web page showing ONLY homes listed for sale that include a waterfront of any kind.

Don’t be mislead, this will be the case across ALL of your ads created & delivered by Emereald’s team of Real Estate PPC Experts; however, we also have to be specific in order to satisfy the legal requirements that come with this sort of offer. Ultimately, your peace-of-mind and ultimate satisfaction with our SEM lead generation products will be well worth reading through this tiny bit of fine print.

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Search Advertising is the fastest way to drive qualified, in-market local home-buyer traffic to your realty website. Our team of professionals has the experience to help you, and you have the expertise to help those researching their next home to make the perfect decision on their next dream home; allow us to introduce you to one another!

It’s time to make your next biggest purchase decision, and we’re glad the internet could help.

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