Generating Social Media Success

Measuring Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

How Do You Compare to the Competition?

Are your Real Estate marketing investments, or perhaps even lack thereof helping you meet your business goals? Marketing can make or break your lead volume, and ultimately your team’s success. Dated methods of advertisement don’t offer you the luxury of knowing how well they perform. However, online advertising offers the largest user-friendly tool set to help view and manage every last detail about your ads and more.

Measure Marketing Performance

Where to Start?

There are many platforms on the web that offer marketing tools for various sites and search engines; however one way to start your first venture into Digital Marketing is through creating social media pages or accounts for whatever you wish to promote. Social media has become tethered to most who use the internet. Being able to push a button to receive instant updates on your increases your odds at drawing interest immeasurably. With tools such as distance limiting, target audiences, timed posts and more, hitting the correct mark is easy.

How to Win Social Media.

While these are examples of basic Digital Marketing, understanding its value in comparison to other mediums is key. With traditional marketing you’re guaranteed a hefty bill, limited exposure to an audience that may or may not even look at the housing market, and only one way to gauge whether or not the ad was effective for the money spent. Digital Marketing however offers much lower, dynamic pricing based on the type of ad, advertising method of pay, which can all tailored to your liking. In addition to the pricing, every ad posted comes equipped with tools that let you view every last detail about your ad. Was it viewed from mobile? Was it within the targeted region? What time did people view my ad? Did anyone click? This information can be used to make direct adjustments for your currently run ads with no additional costs.